Community Guidelines

Photodoco accounts allow you to interact with the Site, including with other members, appear in the industry directory, enter competitions and upload images to your own Homepage, Members Photos page as well as to Groups.

This list is a guideline to what you should and shouldn't do on Photodoco.


What you should do:

- Upload your best photography. Photodoco is only for your best work.

- Respect others. Whether it is praising someone elses work or offering constructive criticism, treat others the way you yourself would want to be treated.

- Only upload photos that you have taken. If you are a gallery or agent or are representing a photographer and have permission, that is ok.

What not to do:

 If you abuse any of these items below, your account may be either warned, suspended, blocked or even deleted.

- Upload other photographers photos unless you are representing that photographer as a gallery or agent.

- Impersonate another person.

- Troll, harass or abuse another user. There is nothing wrong with discussion, and in fact, it is encouraged. But keep in mind all comments and images may be reported and are sent to be reviewed by Photodoco Admin.

- Create multiple accounts to place votes for Competitions or increase an image rating on Members Photos page.

- Upload content that is of pornographic nature or is obscene. Tasteful ‘Art Nudes’ and ‘War Photography’ may be uploaded if the ‘Mature Content’ checkbox is applied to the image on your homepage. All images uploaded to photodoco undergo a screening process and images are also able to be reported by other users.

- Create unwanted spam (image or text)

- Advertise any other services that are non photographic industry in nature.

In Summary:

Be good to one another.

Also, you are solely responsible for your interactions with other users of the Site.

For other rules and regulations, please refer to our Terms of Service.