The Art of the exhibition

Whether you are already represented by an agency, gallery, publishing house, are looking for representation or just want some assistance in bringing your photography to a wider audience - we have a system to help build, curate and show your personal and professional work to your peers, photo editors, gallery curators and art buyers. Photodoco also works in conjunction with affiliate galleries to put on exhibitions for our members as well as giving international buyers the chance to peruse and purchase prints through established galleries or photodoco members.


New York, Paris, London, Tokyo or your local gallery - photodoco keeps you in the loop with what is going on and coming up in the photographic art world through our ever expanding industry directory.

Group Exhibitions

Start a private group with friends, connect with other photographers from around the globe with a similar taste, or just submit photos to photodoco sponsored groups. Being part of a group exhibition is a great way to interact with other photographers and start a collection of photos that may elevate that one great shot you have into a intriguing series.