The Last Nomad : hannah rose

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My work from Mongolia are small vignettes of a nomadic lifestyle which moves with the seasons, a product of shamanic beliefs with horses at the epicenter of life. It is a culture that is slowly being lost as it is in?uenced by the modern world. There is a deep connection with horses. This profound partnership lived out in some of the wildest and spectacular environments on the planet makes Mongolia so irresistible to me. 

“Looking out over the steppe, we stand motionless together. Small twisting cirrus' flume  from flaring nostrils as warm breath meets cool air. I fnd my fngers tangled in mane.  The vastness of the landscape unfolds... floats... tumbles on for what looks like forever. An elemental ocean of earth mirroring an equally endless sky of cloud and might. The wind howls and dances around us, a great wave floods my heart and leaves behind a new beat to follow. A rhythm of the grasslands. I reach down, the soft heat of his neck in my hand, my camera cold on my side. I am smiling, I am free.” - diary exert, Mongolia 2011