Sea Shepherd Antarctic Whale Warriors : Glenn Lockitch

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Glenn's photos portray the strategic, dangerous and courageous fight by international Sea Shepherd volunteer marine activists to save the lives of whales that each year are illegally killed in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.

Sea Shepherd's Antarctic anti-whaling defence campaigns have been highly successful saving over 6000 whales from slaughter by Japanese whalers in the last nine years.

The Sea Shepherd ships traverse thousands of kilometres of the Antarctic continent and experience severe hostilities from Japanese whaling ships - including ramming, hosing, flash bang grenades and Long Range Acoustic Devices.

Due to the inaction of governments Sea Shepherd chooses to act. The marine conservation organisation cites the UN World Charter for Nature (Sections 21-24) which provides authority to individuals to act on behalf of and enforce international conservation laws.

Antarctica is the last great wildernesses on earth. While there is a lot of good scientific research on climate change being done in Antarctica, there is also a strong suspicion that governments, fishing corporations and research institutions are maintaining links to Antarctica with the intention of staking claims to its resources when the protocol governing its environmental protection, the Madrid Protocol, is reviewed in 2041.

Despite the Japanese Government recently losing to Australia in the International Court of Justice the right to whale in Antarctica under their current ‘research’ program they plan to return with a ‘revised’ research program for the 2015/16 whaling season.



Glen has worked for over 23 years primarily as a human rights and environmental photojournalist in Australia and overseas. Other fields have included: independent newspaper editing; producing photographic shows; and strategy and documentation for numerous non-government organizations.