New York Streets (1980-2000) : Matt Weber

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 Matt Weber’s prolific body of work began over 35 years ago in the late 70’s whilst driving a cab in New York. In the 70’s & 80’s, before the ‘Zero Tolerance’ - NYC had one of the highest crime rates in any US city. That in itself can give you an insight to Matt’s fearlessness & gutsy ability to not only drive a cab, but put himself on the line to capture many of these great photos. While it isn’t war photography, taking these classic film-noir images can end you in hot water with the subjects. "I've never been decked or lost my teeth, but I have been shoved into a lamp post. I've been threatened a lot. So far I've been able to diffuse things.”
Matt doesnt shoot from the hip and try to fade into the background (something the majority of street photographers do) He gets into the action and composes & focuses rapidly using his trusty Leica M6. Many of these shots have sprocket holes and frame borders to demonstrate his eye for quick yet careful composition. "You really are looking for those special images. They come when they come. You can't force them," Weber said. "It's a matter of luck, timing, and good fortune. When I leave my door, I don't know what I'm going to get. The thing with street photography is you often get something better than you imagined.”
These brilliant images are just a small sample of Matt’s work. 
You can purchase prints and his fascinating photobooks ‘The Urban Prisoner’ & 'Coney Island - Double Vision' through his website.