Drive-By Shootings : David Bradford

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 Originally working for over 10 years as an art director in a busy New York advertising agency, David decided to go freelance primarily as an illustrator. Initially using a camera for reference photos for his drawings, he soon fell in love with the medium of photography. To make some extra spending money, David started driving taxis, but  he soon realised he had discovered that he was in the perfect ‘vehicle’ to witness and shoot all the daily mis-en-scenes of one of the worlds most fascinating cities. From there he started using his taxi as a 'gallery on wheels' and soon met publishers and media people who loved his work.


All these captivating 'film noir' street photographs were taken over a 10 year period on black & white film and culminated in the best selling photo book - Drive-By Shootings.


David’s work has appeared in : The New York Times, Life Magazine, Vanity Fair, British Vogue, Esquire, Der Spiegel, Time Out, Photo Italia, numerous other publications, over 10 book covers, countless TV documentaries and 2 complete photobooks - Drive-By Shootings & Back Seat Book.