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Daniel Boud began taking photos for fun, primarily of musicians, on his acclaimed blog  He made photography his profession in 2007 when he was appointed Chief Photographer for Time Out Sydney, shooting everything from portraits of celebrities for covers to chefs, drag queens, sports stars, food, cocktails and sex toys.

Daniel now combines his role at Time Out with freelance work for a variety of companies. He enjoys working with a wide range of subjects, but his biggest passion is creating portraits of creative people, discovering what makes them tick and capturing that on camera. 

ROMANCE WAS BORN’s vision of womenswear encompasses both new and classic modes of fashion resulting in fun elegance. Designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met whilst studying and their design partnership began simply from a mutual admiration of ideas and blossomed into production with the official launch of the label in 2005.

Otherworldly prints form the basis of their collections inspiring the theme and story behind their designs. They share an obsession for detail, fascinated by all forms of hand finished fashioning from the naïve joy of craft to the awe of a highly skilled couturier, both elements inform their creations. The duo work together designing across their fields so there is a dynamism and synergy to the process resulting in a unity of technique.

The pair are known for their ability to transform fashion into a glimmering chimerical paradise full of wonderment. They use this nebulous dreamscape to explore vast themes rich in fantasy and dense with vibrant imagery. Plunkett and Sales are very inspired by other artists inviting collaborations that take them beyond their creative comfort zones exposing them to new contexts. They see these artistic collaborations as vital to their process keeping them open and able to operate outside the trappings of fashion trends. Indeed these collaborative labors produce the basis for their exquisite prints, which are the language of the collections.

As creative professionals the duo are often invited to work beyond the world of fashion. Recently as guest curators of the Johnston Collection in Melbourne they meticulously arranged the rooms of the Fairhall House Museum under the title and theme “The Bride, The Ship and The Wardrobe.” In 2011 the Sydney Theatre Company commissioned Romance Was Born to design costumes for their production of “Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness.”

Romance Was Born have been the recipients of an array of awards including; The ITS#4 (International Talent Support) Competition in Italy in 2005, the Woolmark Australian Designer Award 2009 and the Qantas Spirit Of the Youth Awards (SOYA) Fashion Prize in 2009.

Romance Was Born is currently stocked at over 33 retailers worldwide including; Harvey Nichols in London, Dagny + Barstow in New York, Bauhaus in Hong Kong, Lula Rock in Singapore, Dual and HP France in Tokyo. In Australia they are stocked across a range of independent directional retailers including the retailing magnates David Jones.

Their customer is an individual who dresses with flair - she is a keen follower of fashion. Perhaps she works in the industry or another creative field. Age doesn’t define her, she is known for her personal style and the way she carries herself and she wears the clothes with her own expression. Some better known fashion mavericks who also wear and support Romance Was Born include; Cate Blanchett, Tavi Geninson, Nicky Minaj, Karen O, MIA, Lilly Allen and Bat for Lashes.